Friday, October 17, 2008

YAY for rad t-shirts!!

I got my t-shirt from Saul at BareTree today!! I'm so happy with it. It fits so nicely and it's perfect!! I recommend his shirts even more now! Seriously, if you don't have any of his shirts, give him a try. You won't be sorry, I promise. : D

me in my super fly BareTree shirt

Thank you so much, Saul. I hope to buy many more!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I come across a *lot* of sellers in the massive amounts of time that I spend on etsy, so it really takes something special to stick out. I ran into Saul of BareTree in etsy chat, and instantly went NUTS for his shop. There is literally nothing in that shop that I would not buy and wear on a daily basis.
He hand-screens each t-shirt, bag, or hat using an "eco-friendly water-based ink." And who doesn't like the idea of looking good without being an asshole to the environment? Take a peek at some of my favorites.....

Flying Gray Bird and Bare Tree Messenger Bag

The Tasty Fish T-Shirt

Bare Tree T-Shirt

Toothbrush Tank T-Shirt

Killing People Is Rude V-Neck T-Shirt

Saul can print almost any of his patterns on any style or color shirt you request. WooHoo for custom shirts! He uses American Apparel t-shirts, which I swear by because they are so soft and comfortable, but also are not made in sweatshops. And I don't know if you've heard, but sweatshops are no bueno.

(by the way girls, Saul is cute and single... just sayin.....)

Seriously though, his entire shop is fantastic. Go check it out HERE, and be prepared to fork over your dough.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


I've been really slackin on the blog lately. Unbelievable amount of stress going on up in here. So, I've decided to show you a few of my recent etsy favorites just to get this ball rolling a little.

Sugar Skull Girl print by badbird

How much do I love Andrea from badbird? I love her style, and she's super duper talented. She has a free monthly embroidery pattern and I eagerly anticipate the first of the month just because of it!
I am always completely impressed and in love with everything Andrea puts out, and this little sugar skull girl is no exception. I love the Dia de los Muertos celebration and I may just need to get one of these so it's Dia de los Muertos all year long!!

So Very Happy print by dazeychic

This print by dazeychic makes me smile. Gives me a lovely warm feeling inside. I've actually started throwing french fries out to the birds whenever I get them just because of this print.

Reinvented Rockin' Red Fairy Dress by jenellsrevenge

Found this dress by jenellsrevenge by checking out DIYscene. They have some seriously amazing and talented people there. This dress instantly grabbed my attention with the vibrant red. I've always loved slipdresses and I wish I fit into this or else it would be MINE. Absolutely gorgeous. (get more information and join DIYscene, please! they rock!!)

Illuminati Limited Edition print by MelodySage

Okay, no offense to anyone else on etsy, but.... MelodySage is my new favorite. I am completely awestricken by the detail in all her work. Go check out her shop and look at the detailed photos of each piece. It's insane! I can't imagine the amount of time and thought that goes into these things. I hope to own some of her work soon.

Sterling Silver Octopus Ring by westernmountain

I love love love looooove octopus. Octopi? Yes, I think that's it. This ring by westernmountain is super rad. The octopus completely wraps itself around your finger! How much cooler can you get??

Raindrop Hoodie by kachingdesign

Okay so this kachingdesign hoodie appeals to the emo in me. I find it to be incredibly unique. I especially love the raindrops on the hood. And hey.... It's on SALE too!!

City 44 Floating - Playable Art Mix 2.2 by gingerblah

Justin from gingerblah is honestly one of the coolest dudes *evah* and I am so glad he finally started adding items to his shop. I totally dig the idea of playable art. He makes a mix CD (the specific tracks are a surprise for the buyer) and does an original drawing on the front. The robot on this one is a definite favorite.

So yeah. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these great items. Why wasn't I born rich instead of beautiful???

Friday, August 22, 2008


So I was looking on etsy today for the lady that makes stuffed deer heads for the wall, that are covered in cable knit. I wasn't sure how to find it so I just entered in 'taxidermy.'

What I found was.... astonishing. Finger bone necklaces, gold covered real squirrel hearts, human tooth jewelry, rodent skull barrettes, chicken foot earrings, etc. It was gross. Gross. Yes, yes, it's art. But.... gross. And I'm sure there's a buyer for every item, but... gross.

One item actually had the furry, whiskery head of a MOUSE. A real one! I cannot imagine wearing the head of a mouse around my neck. Honestly. What outfit does that go with? Does someone see that and think, "ZOMG! That would like totally go with my American Eagle polo shirt and khakis!" Really??

I suppose this is mean of me to post such things, and I'm sorry. The items themselves looked amazing, and of great quality. And were they not real, or had a stone or something instead of oh, say, a human TOOTH, they would be beautiful!

So yeah. Not for me. Or anyone else I know, for that matter. But, I will not deny their talent, and their love for what they all do definitely shows.


Sunday, August 17, 2008

no news is good news

Or something.

Yeah, pretty much nothing is going on.

Okay maybe I lied. I *did* get this fantabulous Justin Vining original... Through the Broken Glass. It's amazing. I can't wait until I can afford to buy more from him. He's a good guy. And he's from Valpo! That's maybe like, 40 miles? away from where I grew up! He even went to a rival high school. Ooooooh.
So yeah. Go check out his shop if you're ready to have your mind blown. You can also see his previous work and learn about the man at his site.

And I also discovered this super-de-duper photographer named Paul Pardue. Here are a few of my favorites:
From his ParduePictures etsy shop--
Flower Macro ACEO
Dusk Train
From his artnudephotography etsy shop--
Self Portrait (balancing on his arms... good lord!)
Black and White Nude

I know that he is trying to find models, so if any of yous happens to be in the Sacramento, California area, or know someone who is, please send them his way. He's got tremendous talent and is genuinely kind and sweet. Truly a professional.

And I hear he likes to cuddle.

So you can click on any of the above links to visit his sites or to contact Paul, or you can even contact me if you want. I don't bite.

Go to his sites and buy lots of stuff. Now.

Friday, August 1, 2008

I am disgusted with myself.

If I could peel my skin off and run away right now, I would.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Zappos just needs to give my paychecks directly to etsy. Honestly. The amount of money I spend on etsy is insane. You people need to stop making such cool shit! Now!

Recent purchases include:
Glue Guns vs. Real Guns
Sacred Heart necklace
Dinosaurs Are the New Robot

In other news, a new etsy team is on the horizon! I have teamed up with Alsatia from adorationsoap and Eddy of eddyizm fame to create Team AASSHAT! This stands for Artists Against Social Segregation, Hatred, and Totalitarianism. Ha Ha! Right now it is a flickr group only (go HERE to check it out or join), but we are working on getting it made into a full-on etsy team.
This etsy team obviously is named with tongue firmly in cheek, but we actually will have a purpose. We've discussed donating a certain percentage of our sales each month to a different charity. I'd also like to keep a running tally of the amount donated, just to show everyone that we may not take ourselves too seriously, but we do actually give a shit about something.
So yeah. Keep an eye peeled for that and contact me or go to that link above to join. It's already turned out to be a lot of fun.

Monday, July 21, 2008


I think 'diabolical' is my new favorite word. It makes me think of those mustache-twirling cartoon villains, and saying "Mwah ha ha ha haaaaaaaa." Yeah, okay I'm strange.

And okay.... is it just me, or is it SUPER WEIRD when someone starts talking to you while you're in a public restroom? I walk in to the restroom at work and see a lady I was in my training class with. She's just walked in right before me, and says "Hi Shelby! How have you been?" I say, "Just peachy, *Beulah!" And I think that is that. Go into the stall and proceed to pee. Hey. It's a restroom story, you had to see it coming. And all of a sudden, Beulah calls out from her stall, "SO! This humidity is really somethin', isn't it!" I sit there a second, questioning whether to answer cos its just so uncomfortable, and finally I give in to being nice and say, "Yeeeeah.... Thought I was in Indiana again for a second!" And Beulah proceeds to have a conversation with me through the bathroom stall.
Does anyone else find this awkward and odd? Or am I just weird? I don't like the idea of someone being around for when I pee. And I don't like being around for them to, either. Don't call me if you're going to the bathroom. There is nothing that important that it cannot wait the 2-10 minutes it may take you to finish. There is almost nothing more disgusting to me than hearing a flush on the other end of the phone. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE WASH YOUR HANDS!
Yeah, so, please comment and tell me your opinions on this cos I'm honestly wondering if I'm the only person that thinks this.

*= name has been changed to protect the innocent

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Adding to the madness!

Alright so after talking with my buddy Mike (of Mikeatron fame), and drooling over his artwork for what seems like forever... I decided to just go for it and bought a print from him. I really, really want an original but at the moment I can't afford it, sadly. He does these spectacular paintings of characterized versions of celestial bodies. His Castor and Pollux was pretty damned amazing, but I think the original may be gone already. Boo.

Here's the Spillbot print I bought:

I am completely awestricken at what comes out of this guy's brain. He says talent doesn't exist, it's all about practice. But I think he's just a humble man that pours his heart out onto a canvas, just like the robot above.

He has the kind of imagination I can only pray for. I look at his paintings, the tiny little details, and wonder what kind of time must have gone into it. Maybe I'm gushing. I don't know. But I am completely lusting over his whole shop.

And! Because of him, I now know what the words 'smarmy' and 'extrapolate' mean. Rad.

So go check out his shop. And give him your money. Lots of it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I just remembered the time in which my coworker asked me how to spell "I'm."

Yes, I'm serious. She even asked if it was a real word.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I want to go home.

I'm at work. And its been boring. All. Day.

I bought some photos from eddyizm today. Two of them are for my mom, and one is for me. It will be a lovely addition to my growing collection. I've been quite touched by his photos, there's real feeling in them and I don't usually connect well with photography. Sure, a photo may be pretty, but Eddy's photos surpass beauty if you ask me. Look for him on etsy or look at his entire amazing portfolio at

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sue Me.

Okay so I haven't posted in like.... forever.

I've been inspired by Fallon (my sister-in-law, Olive and MyVintageBackyard) to update my blog. I had no idea she was posting so frequently on her own. I gotta get my ass into gear. Makin me look bad and shit. Heh.

I just finished up a custom order and I'm quite proud of it! Here it is:
I've been working on personal projects for so long that it's nice to make a little money. I also sold my blue pillow finally! I'm so excited I could just pee.
I love selling stuff.

And I've lately been starting an art collection. I've seen such great art on etsy and I keep going back to the listings just to look at it and admire it, that I decided to just give in and buy it. With all of Jesse's weird, random collections, I figure its time I start my own so I have something nice to look at.
Here's a few of the items I've bought:

Sorry for all the links, I'm at work and don't have the ability to save images.
So far, my original art collections include lovely pieces from etsy sellers SoopaJDelux, MoTowne, ElinopusPhotography, AshleighMichelle, AshleySpatula, and SunRaven0. I also have some prints from TheBlackApple, AshleyG, sjane, and BarkingBirdArt.

Hopefully these will be future purchases: (I am completely NUTS for this piece. As well as the artist's work in general.)

Okay yeah my taste ranges from the super-saccharine sweet to the dark and creepy. I can't help it. I'm bipolar like that.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


Today's Featured Seller is......

drumroll pleeeeease....

Ta Da!!!

I've only recently come across this shop but I've fallen hard! The colors used, and the non-fussy design of it all is so appealing. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Dueling Bears 5x7 giclee print

Black Tree Hoodie

Olive Inky Octo zipper case

Pianocto 5x7 giclee print

Brown Acorn Squirrel t-shirt

See what I mean? Gentle colors, sweet pretty design.... it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Now go check out the shop and fall in love!!!

January 5, 2008

Alright so after a hellish month of December, I have at last returned to the blog. I've been going through a bit of a creative rut, not many ideas coming into my head, and even less of them have been any good.

On the other hand, Christmas was actually pretty decent this year. I got just what I wanted.... some genuine attention from my husband. It's very hard on me to have my mom and brother so far away (they're in Indiana, I'm in Las Vegas), to have to sit in with my in-laws for their holiday celebration. As much as I love them, I've never quite felt like one of them. Always felt like an outsider when it came to Christmas and such. So it's been wearing on me.
And the dog got a little sick. Urinary tract infection or something. But we got her some antibiotics and all is well. I swear she is the world's most expensive dog. But worth every penny.

I got another skein of yarn from and it was custom. I chose the colors, gray and aqua with a bit of silver sparkle. It is amazing. I don't even care what I make with it, I just can't wait to use it! I wound it into a big ball by hand last night, and it's so smooth and very consistent in its size all the way through. And the color is *divine*. This is definitely my favorite purchase from them yet. Probably the most beautiful yarn I've ever come across. These girls do such a great job, I want to promote them in any way I can!

I did manage to land a job, finally. I don't start until Jan.28 but that's okay. At least I have a date to look forward to. It starts at a bit less than what I was making at my last job, but you advance a lot faster. My best friend works there and she was making $14.95 after 6 months, whereas at my last job it took me nearly 3 years to get to $13.75. It's, so I will be taking orders over the phone. Sounds pretty good to me. Plus, 40% off employee discount, so HELLO shoes!!

Okay it's time for today's seller.....