Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sue Me.

Okay so I haven't posted in like.... forever.

I've been inspired by Fallon (my sister-in-law, Olive and MyVintageBackyard) to update my blog. I had no idea she was posting so frequently on her own. I gotta get my ass into gear. Makin me look bad and shit. Heh.

I just finished up a custom order and I'm quite proud of it! Here it is:
I've been working on personal projects for so long that it's nice to make a little money. I also sold my blue pillow finally! I'm so excited I could just pee.
I love selling stuff.

And I've lately been starting an art collection. I've seen such great art on etsy and I keep going back to the listings just to look at it and admire it, that I decided to just give in and buy it. With all of Jesse's weird, random collections, I figure its time I start my own so I have something nice to look at.
Here's a few of the items I've bought:

Sorry for all the links, I'm at work and don't have the ability to save images.
So far, my original art collections include lovely pieces from etsy sellers SoopaJDelux, MoTowne, ElinopusPhotography, AshleighMichelle, AshleySpatula, and SunRaven0. I also have some prints from TheBlackApple, AshleyG, sjane, and BarkingBirdArt.

Hopefully these will be future purchases: (I am completely NUTS for this piece. As well as the artist's work in general.)

Okay yeah my taste ranges from the super-saccharine sweet to the dark and creepy. I can't help it. I'm bipolar like that.

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