Sunday, July 20, 2008

Adding to the madness!

Alright so after talking with my buddy Mike (of Mikeatron fame), and drooling over his artwork for what seems like forever... I decided to just go for it and bought a print from him. I really, really want an original but at the moment I can't afford it, sadly. He does these spectacular paintings of characterized versions of celestial bodies. His Castor and Pollux was pretty damned amazing, but I think the original may be gone already. Boo.

Here's the Spillbot print I bought:

I am completely awestricken at what comes out of this guy's brain. He says talent doesn't exist, it's all about practice. But I think he's just a humble man that pours his heart out onto a canvas, just like the robot above.

He has the kind of imagination I can only pray for. I look at his paintings, the tiny little details, and wonder what kind of time must have gone into it. Maybe I'm gushing. I don't know. But I am completely lusting over his whole shop.

And! Because of him, I now know what the words 'smarmy' and 'extrapolate' mean. Rad.

So go check out his shop. And give him your money. Lots of it.