Saturday, January 5, 2008

January 5, 2008

Alright so after a hellish month of December, I have at last returned to the blog. I've been going through a bit of a creative rut, not many ideas coming into my head, and even less of them have been any good.

On the other hand, Christmas was actually pretty decent this year. I got just what I wanted.... some genuine attention from my husband. It's very hard on me to have my mom and brother so far away (they're in Indiana, I'm in Las Vegas), to have to sit in with my in-laws for their holiday celebration. As much as I love them, I've never quite felt like one of them. Always felt like an outsider when it came to Christmas and such. So it's been wearing on me.
And the dog got a little sick. Urinary tract infection or something. But we got her some antibiotics and all is well. I swear she is the world's most expensive dog. But worth every penny.

I got another skein of yarn from and it was custom. I chose the colors, gray and aqua with a bit of silver sparkle. It is amazing. I don't even care what I make with it, I just can't wait to use it! I wound it into a big ball by hand last night, and it's so smooth and very consistent in its size all the way through. And the color is *divine*. This is definitely my favorite purchase from them yet. Probably the most beautiful yarn I've ever come across. These girls do such a great job, I want to promote them in any way I can!

I did manage to land a job, finally. I don't start until Jan.28 but that's okay. At least I have a date to look forward to. It starts at a bit less than what I was making at my last job, but you advance a lot faster. My best friend works there and she was making $14.95 after 6 months, whereas at my last job it took me nearly 3 years to get to $13.75. It's, so I will be taking orders over the phone. Sounds pretty good to me. Plus, 40% off employee discount, so HELLO shoes!!

Okay it's time for today's seller.....

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Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

You are the BOMB!!! Thank you so much for all of your kind words and honestly, we are THRILLED that you love your yarn so much:) ;)