Monday, July 21, 2008


I think 'diabolical' is my new favorite word. It makes me think of those mustache-twirling cartoon villains, and saying "Mwah ha ha ha haaaaaaaa." Yeah, okay I'm strange.

And okay.... is it just me, or is it SUPER WEIRD when someone starts talking to you while you're in a public restroom? I walk in to the restroom at work and see a lady I was in my training class with. She's just walked in right before me, and says "Hi Shelby! How have you been?" I say, "Just peachy, *Beulah!" And I think that is that. Go into the stall and proceed to pee. Hey. It's a restroom story, you had to see it coming. And all of a sudden, Beulah calls out from her stall, "SO! This humidity is really somethin', isn't it!" I sit there a second, questioning whether to answer cos its just so uncomfortable, and finally I give in to being nice and say, "Yeeeeah.... Thought I was in Indiana again for a second!" And Beulah proceeds to have a conversation with me through the bathroom stall.
Does anyone else find this awkward and odd? Or am I just weird? I don't like the idea of someone being around for when I pee. And I don't like being around for them to, either. Don't call me if you're going to the bathroom. There is nothing that important that it cannot wait the 2-10 minutes it may take you to finish. There is almost nothing more disgusting to me than hearing a flush on the other end of the phone. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE WASH YOUR HANDS!
Yeah, so, please comment and tell me your opinions on this cos I'm honestly wondering if I'm the only person that thinks this.

*= name has been changed to protect the innocent


Fallon said...

I always pee with the door open. I like it when the smell of my poop wafts into the other room and makes Jake mad. I also rarley wash my hands after I use the restroom. I'm not a messy wiper.

Shelby said...

Oh sister Sally nooooo!

Peeing with the door open is fine, I just don't like talking to someone in a public restroom. Just cos I'm fine peeing in front of your brother, doesn't mean I want to have a conversation with a random coworker while I'm taking a piss. It's just weird.

And I won't even comment about the non-handwashing. :: shakes head ::