Sunday, July 27, 2008


Zappos just needs to give my paychecks directly to etsy. Honestly. The amount of money I spend on etsy is insane. You people need to stop making such cool shit! Now!

Recent purchases include:
Glue Guns vs. Real Guns
Sacred Heart necklace
Dinosaurs Are the New Robot

In other news, a new etsy team is on the horizon! I have teamed up with Alsatia from adorationsoap and Eddy of eddyizm fame to create Team AASSHAT! This stands for Artists Against Social Segregation, Hatred, and Totalitarianism. Ha Ha! Right now it is a flickr group only (go HERE to check it out or join), but we are working on getting it made into a full-on etsy team.
This etsy team obviously is named with tongue firmly in cheek, but we actually will have a purpose. We've discussed donating a certain percentage of our sales each month to a different charity. I'd also like to keep a running tally of the amount donated, just to show everyone that we may not take ourselves too seriously, but we do actually give a shit about something.
So yeah. Keep an eye peeled for that and contact me or go to that link above to join. It's already turned out to be a lot of fun.

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