Sunday, December 16, 2007

December 15, 2007

I have been on such a roll lately! After suffering through a seemingly endless string of bad days and weeks, I have finally gotten some much needed good karma.
I may sound crazy when I say this, but ever since I started blogging about sellers and their items, the happenings around me are so positive! I've been surrounded by generosity and appreciation, and it's just so wonderful. This has put me in a better mood, and I guess it's shown cos I've gotten several interviews and two job offers in the last two weeks. All this after being unemployed and getting no calls for a month! I'm going to start working for, where my best friend works already and loves her job. We'll have a desk right near each other, so we'll see each other every day! And there are so many perks.... it's really going to be great, I can't wait to start.
I've got to tell you about a few days ago, though. The best day in like, forever. Friday I got up and realized that my part-time job, Hot Topic, was having a 50% off everything employee discount. But that also included clearance items, which I had been eyeballing this whole wall of jewelry clearance. I'm talking, after discount, super sweet necklaces and hair items for $1!!! So I was excited to go there and do a little "Me Shopping", but first I had an interview with I rocked that interview so hard, they hired me on the spot! After that, I remembered I had to renew my car registration, so I reluctantly drove to the DMV. Wah wah waaaaah. But I got a smog check in like 2 minutes, and I got a parking spot *right* by the door, without having to drive around for 20 minutes beforehand! So I stroll in, and holy crap... NO LINE. I renewed my registration and was out of there in less than 5 minutes. How does this happen??? Okay so after the DMV I went shopping and with all the clearance stuff, I actually ended up getting more than 50% off cos it was $260 worth of stuff for $100. Wowza. THeeeeeeeen, I go home and find out that my beautiful dog, Lulu, was chosen to be in a Pit Bull rescue charity calendar for 2008! She's on the cover AND on the December page. So rad!! And theeeeennnnn my husband calls and says he wants to take me out to dinner at our favorite restaurant, and it's going to be free! WooHoo for casino comps!
How awesome of a day is that? I haven't had a good day like that in so long, it really boosted my spirits.
And remember the generosity I told you about? Etsy has been so kind to me. OctopusMe's giving spirit and good nature is so wonderful. She's truly appreciative of the things around her and she's such a positive person! It's so nice to talk to her, cos it's calming and refreshing to see someone who is so content and thankful.
Then there's SunriseFiberLodgeStudio... my major etsy weakness! I try to avoid the shop cos every time I go in, I end up NEEDING to buy something. I'm not talking like, Oh that's pretty I'll think about buying it. I'm talking, I neeeeeeed this yarn like I need air. So I go in today, just to take a peek. And I find this:

It's called AfterMidnight. It's black with a silvery nylon sparkle. However, the price was listed a few dollars more than I had in my PayPal account. So I begged her to look at my shop and see if she'd be willing to trade me for the difference in the price, and she said that since I was such a loyal customer that she'd call it even for me. I was so shocked and grateful! I am really so appreciative that I don't even have words for it.

Usually at this time of year, I am disappointed by the selfishness of people. But right now I am almost overwhelmed with the giving spirit of these great sellers, and it makes me realize that not everyone is as self-centered as I once thought. There are truly kind and wonderful people out there that aren't just out for themselves, and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

To check out these shops go here...

Happy Holidays, everyone!!!!!


Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Well, aren't you just a doll:) I hope you enjoy your yarn and as we say around these parts.....Merry Christmas!!!

Deabusamor said...

If that isn't the greatest day in the world I don't know what is! You deserve it -- you're such a dear to everyone.