Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Today's Featured Seller!!!!!

Illustrations so cute I wanna smack myself.

Bandit Badge

Lady Bunny Necklace

Gossip Sticker Set

Toothpaste Sticker

Oh, Sarah.... How do I love your shop?

Sarah's illustrations and cutesy little guys are so adorable, I had to order one of her Bandit Badges myself. I had her put it onto a pendant instead, and she was super friendly. Very helpful. I, of course, HAD to feature her Lady Bunny Necklace, since my mom's a lady named Bunnie. And in the description of the Toothpaste sticker, she talks of her hate for the taste of the minty stuff. I could not agree more! It's awful!! The descriptions of her items give you a peek at Sarah herself. Super friendly, artsy, and down to earth.

I'm going to be *obsessed* with checking this site for new stuff. I hear she might do prints or something like that, so my fingers are crossed!!!


Michele Maule said...

She has really cute stuff!
Thanks for sharing her :)

The patches are super cute.

s.jane said...

thank you :)