Sunday, December 2, 2007


Today's Featured Seller!!

I'd like to think if I made jewelry, that it would be just like the beauties made by lake.

So pretty. So simple. So elegant.

Blossom Vines

Caviar Ring- Custom Size

Dragee Ring Pair size 6.25

Nonpareil Ring Pair- Custom Size

I like that she got a few of the names-- dragee and nonpareil-- from sugar decorations for cakes. Dragees were always my favorite extra to use on the cakes I decorated as a kid. The oxidized silver in the Caviar ring (my favorite) is rich and lovely, and the matte-like finish on the Nonpareil rings is something I've never really seen before. Certainly not pulled of as gorgeous as this, that is. It's soft and soothing silver, rather than the shiny look of sterling people are most used to. Sort of reminds me of a wedding cake covered in fondant-- soft and incredibly smooth. She's got me thinking of sugar I can't help it!!

I am so fond of her jewelry. I realize it's pretty much one of a kind, but I can't wait to see more items in her store. I want to see what she comes up with next so I can add a new item to my list of stuff that I covet.


Julie Lake said...

Shelby, I am so flattered to be on your blog!! I will have new stuff in the new year. This is my first year selling online and really didn't know what to expect - I didn't want to get crazy with too many items!

I guess it comes through pretty obviously in my work, but I am a huge sugar addict. I've probably seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original) over 200 times!

Caroline said...

Wow! Julie, your work is gorgeous. Congratulations!

Dippylulu said...

Simply beautiful work!