Sunday, December 2, 2007

December 2, 2007

I'm currently working on some new stuff for my shop. Got a scarf in the works, some painted mirrors that are looking SUPER, and some more pins. The mirrors are ones I got from my crafty friend Crystal, and I was like "Ooooh I could paint some cute stuff on those." So I am. I started with some pearl white paint and got an entirely different effect than I imagined. It is like a whitewash. Really beautiful. Reminds me of birch bark cos you can see the grain of the wood underneath it still. Very cool. Other than that, nothing too spectacular.
I still don't have a job. Gonna have to go work for the family at the boot store. I guess a paycheck is a paycheck. If I even get one! My husband says I probably won't even get paid! I really hope he's joking cos I wouldn't wanna work there during the craziest busy season (biggest rodeo of the year is held here every year) and not get something out of it. I would rather be at home making stuff for my shop.
I thought I was getting sick, but fortunately for me I believe it's passed. I have gotten two migraines in three days though. I was hoping that had passed also, cos I hadn't had one in a while. It was such a relief not to get them 3-4 times a week. I hope it hasn't started again.

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