Sunday, November 25, 2007


Today's Featured Seller!!

Before etsy, I was afraid of handmade soap. Cos I heard a lot of jazz about, if you make it wrong it can burn your skin and blah blah blah. I was pretty content with my cucumber and green tea Dove bar. But after seeing some of the beautiful creations on etsy, I am intrigued. And have been wanting bar after bar after bar of it.

Coconut Cream Cake Scented Handmade Soap

Handmade Soap-Vegan Pear Fig Scented- Limited Edition

Kiwi Cold Process Soap- Handmade- Fresh Kiwi Added- Vegan

Raspberry Lemonade Shea and Cocoa Butter Cold Process Soap

So my girl, Bradli is from my home state, Indiana!! We're from opposite ends of the state, but we're still Hoosiers!! I recently ordered and received the coconut cream cake, raspberry lemonade, Corona Beer (gift for my brother-in-law Mick), and vanilla marshmallow. Every once in a while she does these outrageous sales and I just can't help myself. The Corona soap is so cute... it has salt all over it! Sure it's for exfoliation but that is just the cutest idea. The other scents are so wonderful, you almost wanna lick them! That's probably a bad idea though so I really don't suggest it.

I can't wait to draw a hot bath and lather up with one of them. I'm almost afraid to use them, they're so pretty! Check bradli out if you want any kind of bath product, she makes them all!

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