Monday, November 19, 2007


Today's Featured Seller!!!

Beauty. Whimsy. Variety. Birds.

OIive sure likes her birds. She's got several areas of specialty listed on her shop, but it's very apparent her fondness of the feathered creatures. I've only put one example of her fowl obsession below, but if you look at her site you'll see what I'm saying.

The 2nd Cutest Sheep Ever Pillow

Out On A Limb Wall Hanging

Painted Modern Pillow

Village Print

OIive is a real sweetheart. She loves Christmas so much that every item sold from November 3 to December 3, gets an entry into a contest. The winner gets a present picked straight from their favorites list. She truly appreciates her customers, and really shows it. OIive's items are more than just stuff that she's sewn together, they're little pieces of her. You can see the love she puts into every item, and I find her whole shop to be simply marvelous.

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