Friday, August 22, 2008


So I was looking on etsy today for the lady that makes stuffed deer heads for the wall, that are covered in cable knit. I wasn't sure how to find it so I just entered in 'taxidermy.'

What I found was.... astonishing. Finger bone necklaces, gold covered real squirrel hearts, human tooth jewelry, rodent skull barrettes, chicken foot earrings, etc. It was gross. Gross. Yes, yes, it's art. But.... gross. And I'm sure there's a buyer for every item, but... gross.

One item actually had the furry, whiskery head of a MOUSE. A real one! I cannot imagine wearing the head of a mouse around my neck. Honestly. What outfit does that go with? Does someone see that and think, "ZOMG! That would like totally go with my American Eagle polo shirt and khakis!" Really??

I suppose this is mean of me to post such things, and I'm sorry. The items themselves looked amazing, and of great quality. And were they not real, or had a stone or something instead of oh, say, a human TOOTH, they would be beautiful!

So yeah. Not for me. Or anyone else I know, for that matter. But, I will not deny their talent, and their love for what they all do definitely shows.



Mixed Species said...

Feltidermy! Check out girlsavage. She made us a MixedSpecies Jackalope.


-the Mixed Species guys-

B Johnson Jewelry said...

iiiuuuuhhh, that is grows for sure. I mean sure some people will love that "ART".